Class Requirements

Class Requirements


All pupils must complete and return a school enrolment form.

All pupils have to be properly attired for class, including both sets of dancing shoes.

Pupils wear their complete costume for competition/performance.

Pupils are expected to put the required time and effort into their dancing. Additional practice must take place outside class.

Practice CDs can be purchased at any of the Feiseanna purchased directly from our supplier.

All personal items are to be labeled with the pupil’s name.

Class Costume:

The Class Costume for both girls and boys can be purchased by placing an order with our costume supplier. The class costume is worn in the first three Solo grades of competition and for all Ceili competitions. It consists of a red background with a dark green panel down the front. The cuffs and shawl are also green. The embroidery consists of the following thread colors, yellow, white and purple The class costume incorporates the traditional colors of CRN. White poodle socks and a hair band complete the girl’s class costume. The boys costume consists of black trousers with a back shirt, embroidered using the thread colors above. A white tie and red waistcoat complete the costume. Pupils dancing Ardgrád and grades above this wear an Open Costume. Here pupils get to design their own costume, select colors, material and so forth.  For photographs of our costumes see the gallery link.

The class also have their own leisure wear range with tracksuits, hoodies, jackets, polo shirts and bags. These are worn to and from competitions and performance.

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