Dancers Feature

This months featured Dancer: Luke Murphy

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Name: Luke Murphy

Age: 15 years old

Dance Accomplishments:
6th Bunghrad Award U12 Irish Open Championships 2012

1st Meanghrad Award u15 Shannon Western Regional Championships 2013

Open Champion Enniscrone Seaside Feis April 2015

6th World Open Championships 2015

I also have won an array of solo and team awards dancing with the Mc Cartin SD

Practice Regime:
I try to practice 6/7 days a week for about 30mins. In this time I focus on one thing e.g. turnout  and work on this. I don’t time how long I practice for, it’s about what I get done in that time. “Quality not quantity!”

Favourite Thing about Dancing:
I really enjoy the whole social side of Irish Dancing. I love meeting new friends who have the same interest as me. It is great getting to meet all your friends at the Feiseanna all over Ireland  and that makes the Feiseanna even more exciting!

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